Agile Frameworks are Not Silver Bullets!

As the article below puts it, scaled agile frameworks, such as SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework for enterprises), DAD (Disciplined Agile Delivery), S@S (Scrum at Scale), LeSS (Large Scale Scrum), or even Spotify, are not silver bullets!

I saw one 500 developer company aggressively move from waterfall to SAFe with massive training from Scaled Agile and make the move in one big leap of faith. Not an example of Agile!!

To me, in that instance, the adoption of SAFe had become the goal rather than learning how to be agile! Any Agile transformation should start with a desired business outcome and work an iterative approach from there. Adoption of a specific framework may be useful – but it is not the goal – desired business outcomes are!

As an example, I saw another client organization start with a five scrum team integration with one product owner and one agile coach, made that work and then add more to that from SAFe (and other frameworks like Kanban) to the point now that they have thirty teams up and running well and producing decent agile development and business results.

So with Agile, please start small, make it real, define the outcome you are aiming for, and scale up with whatever will work for your teams and organization.

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