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Words are fine - but examples help us put context to what people say.  The example highlights below - and the example detail pages they link to - are from customer engagements.  As most clients do not wish their activities to be known to their competitors, specifics as to client names, locations, products and the like have been omitted.


Please use these examples as just that - examples.  Each engagement we do is customized to the specific objectives and environment of the client.  We have the experience to do that for you as well.

Often, support processes for offerings continue to use traditional waterfall processes even as the development team becomes increasingly agile by using processes like scrum.   In this project the client wanted to increase the overall effectiveness of their agile processes by joining product managers and marketing specialists with the scrum methods used by the development team.


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The process of ideation is a structured brainstorming approach that creates many alternative ideas that can be evaluated and tested as new offerings.   In this project, the client had some specific market targets in terms of leapfrogging competitive offers.  So the process started with a meta trends workshop to stretch attendees thoughts toward more formerly out of bounds possibilities.


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This offering analysis project was a second stage follow up to the ideation process above.   Each of the collected ideas was analyzed by Transform Services through its market analysis framework combined with the clients objectives to score the ideas for agile testing.


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